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About Us

Why Should You Use McDowell Incentives, Inc.?

Our Zero-based Approach

Motivating people to achieve results goes beyound offering exciting awards. Successful campaigns start with strategy and a multifaceted campaign to make it happen. Key ingredients include setting measurable yet attainable goals, establishing appropriate tracking, training, communicating and awareness, and engaging employee or audience involvement.

While many incentive companies focus solely on providing merchandise and travel incentives, McDowell Incentives, Inc. is committed to developing programs that address each client's performance issues:

  1. We focus on understanding your business before making recommendations
  2. We develop programs to achieve specific results in a specified time, utilizing a combination of strategies that make sense for the specific situation.
  3. We develop complete turnkey solutions, integrating all of the elements (communications, promotion, rewards, tracking) in the most effective manner.

We are the only full service recognition resource.

Efficient Service Delivery

From its inception, McDowell Incentives, Inc. has focused on providing the most efficient service delivery model available. We've leveraged over nearly 40 years incentive and recognition experience and 35 years promotions  experience into building strategic partnerships with the finest suppliers and utilizing the most leading edge technology available.  Since we don't manufacture, decorate, or warehouse, there is no built-in overhead, product bias, or inventory pressure incorporated in building solutions for our customers.  Our strategic supplier relationships do provide access to more than 1 million square feet of warehouse/fulfillment capacity in North America, on-demand decoration facilities from coast to coast in the USA and Canada; and as members of the new World Award Alliance, we now have the ability to fulfill within 50 countries (and counting). 


President and CEO

George E. McDowell

Business Development

Kurt A. McDowell


  Certified Recognition Professional 
 Promotional Products Association International  Society for Human Resource Management