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A New Social Lead Generation Video - Smart Social Media

A New Social Lead Generation Video - Smart Social Media

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We bring you warm EXCLUSIVE leads

Our proprietary system uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter to identify these people/followers who are interested in what you have to offer and are ready to contact you. We are able to do this by placing information on interested customer’s social pages about your businesses specific products/services at the right time they are viewing their page. Since they are interested they will begin to engage with you socially or they will call you or they will email you or they will go to you website to learn more.

These leads will be exclusive to you and not like
traditional SEO which you share with 20 competitors

Results can be achieved in as little as 72 hours not like traditional SEO that takes 4-6 months to get page one rankings where you’re then sharing 20 other spots with your competitors.

We are often told, "I can advertise on Social platforms myself. So what is the difference of what you are doing?"  Simply advertising on social platforms is really no different than mass advertising because you cannot identify who is really interested in buying and you do not know when they are viewing their pages. Overall you will be wasting two thirds of your budget advertising to consumers who have no need.

We can identify by brand, by make, by location, and many other profile criteria, who is interested in your product/service. Then communicate to them when they are viewing their social media. We also save you two thirds of your budget.

Customers tell us that posting to your social sites does not generate a lot of sales. We would agree because most company’s followers are friends and current customers. As a result, the 'following' number is small thus little new sales. Our system changes this following count by reaching out to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of potential consumers who have an interest in buying. Consequently, we increase phone calls, lead inquires, website visits, social following and overall sales.