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3 Reasons for Investing in Employee Recognition Technology

3 Reasons for Investing in Employee Recognition Technology

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One would be hard pressed to find a business leader who didn’t agree that engaged employees perform better. Study after study shows investing in programs that build employee engagement are good for the bottom line. The benefits outweigh the costs in terms of higher productivity, less absenteeism, stronger culture, more innovative ideas, and the list goes on. The business indicators are no longer subjective. Today’s technology allows organizations to measure the results before and after with data-based reporting and usage rates. It is difficult to argue with the numbers.

Chances are your organization has one or more recognition programs or an operating budget line item. It may be a business unit’s slush fund to recognize employees with a perfect safety record or gift cards managers buy to thank employees or a tradition of acknowledging career milestones.

These types of programs are great but organizations are missing out on the value-added benefits of having one centralized HR technology to manage, not to mention ensuring equality.

Here are three reasons more and more companies (of all sizes) are using technology to assist in engaging and recognizing their people.

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