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10 ways to keep employees engaged in 2018

10 ways to keep employees engaged in 2018

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Even great managers can use a little inspiration and a few good ideas to engage, motivate and retain an all-star team.  Here are 10 proven ways of fostering engagement in your workplace. 

1. Encourage and Use Employee Input  

Canada Colors and Chemicals (CCC), a chemical, plastic and ingredient solutions provider asked CSISTARS to help them re-vamp their Workplace Safety program. In addition to reducing the number of safety-related incidents and increasing near miss reporting, the program encourages employees to suggest improvements that impact their job, their business unit and the company’s success. Management reviews every suggestion and rewards employees for their feedback.  The Result? Fewer accidents, improved communication across multiple sites and a stronger culture shaped by everyone’s concern for safety and process improvement. 

2. Offer Training and Development Options (MORE>>>)

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